2 August, 2012 - 08:57

Mourinho:’ I don't care what people think, only what my people think’

Mourinho:’ I don't care what people think, only what my people think’

The Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho gave an hour lecture to 150 students of UCLA football coaching department, revealing the secrets of his craft and giving pieces of advice to those who only entering this profession.

Mourinho spoke about the rules he followed throughout his career in football. He said he always wanted players to think and to be intellectually stimulated on the pitch. He stated that the bonds he made with players from Porto, Chelsea or Inter were still close and he did not think of them as his ‘ex-players’.

Real Madrid boss claimed sharing emotions was one of the rules he had constantly used, stating that:’ I don’t object sharing all emotions: kissing a player, crying with a player, criticizing the side. We are the family’.

Speaking about motivation he used to inspire the team, Mourinho explained: ‘I make it with my special motivation. That’s the main driving force, nothing else. It’s the first rule - to always bring motivation to others’.

The tactician underlined that when he did not behave like everybody else in his trade, it created a negative image, but also built positive attitude towards him from players. He noted:’ when you’re a leader of the side you can’t forget that. I don’t care what people think, only what my people think’.

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