2 April, 2013 - 09:24

Nasri shocked at Mancini’s attack on him

Nasri shocked at Mancini’s attack on him

Man City midfielder Samir Nasri revealed he has been shocked with Mancini’s sarcastic remark that he wanted to “punch” the player because of his inconsistent performances.

The Frenchman has delivered an excellent attacking display in Man City’s 4-0 thrashing of Newcastle. However he struggled to perform consistently throughout the season, which has frustrated Man City boss. The Italian said: “I would like to give him a punch. Because a player like him should play like this always.”

Mancini also lamented some Man City players have not been giving their best for the team, playing for at 50% of their ability.

Nasri admitted, that although he felt he was not as good as in previous season, Mancini made a mistake saying he wanted to punch him. He said: “”Mancini has shown a little proof of bad faith when he said he wanted to punch me. I’ve not had a good season, I know it, I’m aware of that. I am the first to be self-critical. But it’s not true that I’m playing at 50%. I think the coach still doesn’t handle English very well and sometimes uses expressions that aren’t really suitable.”

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Author: Basil Naumov

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