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Traditional football teams from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Even though Brazil did not invent football, many of the world’s greatest players of all time indeed come from this South American nation. It is still by far the most popular sport over there, and some of the biggest teams in the country are located in Sao Paulo, its most populous city, which is also among the biggest in the world.

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If you know anything about football in Brazil, you should definitely know how big Sport Club Corinthians Paulista is. Founded by railway workers in 1910, it is one of the most successful teams in Brazil and the world, winning the FIFA World Championship twice.
In 2017, Corinthians was listed by Forbes as the most valuable football club in the Americas, being worth over $577 million, as it’s one of the most widely supported teams globally and the second in all of Brazil (after Rio’s Flamengo), with more than 30 million fans across the country.


Second to Corinthians is Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. Created by italian immigrants in 1914 as Palestra Italia, the club had to change its name and identity during World War Two as Brazil joined the Allied forces against Mussolini’s Italy. Currently, Palmeiras has the third largest fanbase with over 18 million supporters and is ranked #1 in the Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF) national rank.

Palmeiras and Corinthians have a centenary rivalry in this sport. It even has its own name, the “Derby Paulista”. Beginning in 1917, they have played 369 matches against each other, scoring over 1000 goals altogether. Curiously enough, Palmeiras has only one victory more than Corinthians in 104 years of rivalry.

Sao Paulo

Created in 1930 as a merge of two other existing football teams, Sao Paulo Futebol Clube is a traditional Paulista team from the Morumbi neighborhood, located in the western part of town. Nicknamed the “tricolor” after its red, white and black colors, SPFC is the most successful Brazilian team overseas, having won 12 international football titles.
Sao Paulo hasn’t unfortunately won any major titles in the last decade, despite its strong lineup and sponsorships from reputable brands. The team won its last title in 2012.


As the name suggests, the Associacao Portuguesa de Desportos was created in 1920 by the Portuguese immigrant community from Sao Paulo, which was once a colony of the Portuguese Empire. Having a strong regional presence, the team won important state championships in the past. However, the team has been facing a deep crisis since 2014, when a lawsuit involving a recently hired player and a rival team from Rio caused Portuguesa to lose points and downgrading to the second division.

After that, other financial and corruption issues appeared, pulling the team deeper into the fourth division, the lowest league in professional football in Brazil.

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