27 July, 2012 - 15:18

Vermaelen: ‘I’m proud to play for this club’

 Vermaelen: ‘I’m proud to play for this club’

The defender said he was not going to move to other club.

Thomas Vermaelen ruled out rumors on his potential move to Barcelona, as he claimed he had been supporting Arsenal since he was a kid. He added he spoke to different players about the club and many admired team’s style. The player added ‘I like the way the team plays and it means I can play well with them. It’s not about defending or heading or tackling. I enjoy being in defense but I like to play with the ball as well’.

Vermaelen appreciated the vision of the club, emphasizing the side had the highest aims for the season. He said: ‘I know people are critic about Arsenal but I’m really confident our team is good enough to compete for titles.’

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