4 March, 2013 - 13:13

West Ham Collison struggles with a knee problem

West Ham Collison struggles with a knee problem

West Ham boss Sam Allardyce revealed midfielder Jack Collison will never return to full fitness as he struggles with a troublesome knee.

The 24-year-old Collison has spent several lengthy spells on the sidelines due to problem he has struggled to shake off. He is still training on the individual program to avoid the threat of injury setback. ‘Big Sam’ admitted he is far from happy with the current situation however he is delighted to have the player at his disposal. He said: “His management of it is a great credit to himself and the medical staff. He does his own training and very rarely trains with us. He has to get himself ready for a game.”

“He has to be bored most of the time when everyone else is doing their training and he is doing his rehab work. Afterwards he has to have that extra bit of rest and recovery to everyone else until the swelling goes down,” added West Ham boss. “He can live with that and prosper but it is not going to give him the full extent of his ability. It is going to restrict him. It’s a great shame when such a young man has to be burdened with the fact that his knee is never going to be 100 per cent.”

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Author: Basil Naumov

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