18 August, 2012 - 14:06

Bayern Munich is a step away from signing of Javi Martínez

Bayern Munich is a step away from signing of Javi Martínez

The negotiations between Athletic Bilbao and Bayern Munich about the transfer of Javi Martínez have been going for the whole summer, yet only few days ago the teams allegedly reached an agreement.

The German club was not prepared to pay 40 million euro for the midfielder at first, but now it the German team is ready to meet financial demands. The sources in Atletico claim Martinez himself is eager to leave Spain and sign a five-year contract with Bayern.

Yesterday Bayern Munich’s president of honour Franz Beckenbauer said the club has enough money to pay for Martinez. He stated that:’ ‘”If Bayern wants to sign a player like him, I am confident they thought it through. Of course, he’s very expensive. Though €30 or €40 million is hardly anything. Bayern Munich can afford it’.

Beckenbauer added he does not know the player, yet noted that if Bayern is chasing him, than it proves: ‘he must be something special.’

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18 August 2012, 14:09

40 milllion.... football's gone mad...

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20 August 2012, 11:07

Is he really THAT good?

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