11 April, 2013 - 13:53

Gremio midfielder Fernando to join Napoli

Gremio midfielder Fernando to join Napoli

The Azzuri lead the way in the battle for the youngster.

Gremio player Fernando is chased by a number of European clubs, while Napoli are named the favorites in the race. The Brazilian team set the price of €9 m for the starlet, and the Italians have already agreed to provide the sum.

According to the Italian media Napoli purchased the first option on the player during the negotiations in Brazil.

Fernando spent his entire career in Gremio, featuring in 106 matches and scoring 8 times.

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19 January 2015, 09:41

Hello, I want to convey through your blog gratitude to the football club Gremio for the player Adilsona Varkena.Fany gave him the nickname "The Tiger"

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