13 November, 2012 - 08:19

Tajik footballers beat referee

Tajik footballers beat referee

The accident happened in the Tajik League in a game between Energetik from Dushanbe and Istaravshan.

The players were unsatisfied with referee’s decision to signal a goal and with the number of red cards he showed. At first the players were just arguing. But then they attacked him and began punching. The match that took place on 8 November was suspended at the 1-1 scoreline.

It was presumably Energetik goalkeeper Mirali Murodov who was the first to show his disgrace to the ref. According to Murodov the goal was scored after a foul from attacking side. The goalkeeper pushed the referee and faced straight red card.

When the game went on, the ref dismissed another Energetik player Safarhon Mirzoev. It triggered the riot and the players started chasing the referee in attempts to knock him. There were also some clashes between players and in the end the fans flooded the field in a few seconds forcing the teams to escape promptly.

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Author: HolaMexico

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13 November 2012, 15:26

I wonder if there was racial abuse in that tumult...the only thing that really matters, you know

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14 November 2012, 08:25

They'd better chase the mammoths than play football

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