27 March, 2014 - 12:59

Top mascot stories: A boy in giant shorts, Scholes double ganger and more

Manchester United stadium staff did not do a better job than the squad itself.

One of the mascot boys accompanied the players in giant shorts, looking exactly like circus clowns.


Another lad was hardly any shorter than Patrice Evra, and his red hair inspired former Manchester City player Dietmar Hamann for an acute Twitter joke: ‘A bit out of order to use Scholesy as a mascott. Deserves better’.


Some comments from fans: ‘Should have let the kids on the pitch, they would not have done worse than United’, ‘The boy will be booed at school - he had to go alongside the gand of losers’, ‘These are Fellaini’s shorts, the boy had stolen them so that Marouane could not play the next game’.

Luis Suarez and Tottenham girl-mascot

During pre-match hadshake a girl in Tottenham shirt performed a cock-a-snook trick on the Uruguayan forward.


Suarez fell into the trick, but responded on the pitch, scoring a brace. Liverpool thrashed Spurs by 5-0.


The 10-year-old Olivia Brown was promised a 20 pounder by her father, a Spurs fan, for fooling Luis Suarez.

Mikel Arteta and a crying boy

Before the Champions League match between Arsenal and Napoli, the boy, accompanying Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta, never stopped crying both in the dugout and on the pitch. We never found out why, but Arteta got a red card in that game. So there must be an omen - if you go along a crying child - you’ll probably get your marching orders later on.


Cristiano Ronaldo massage

Ahead of a friendly match against Bournemouth last summer Cristiano Ronaldo performed shoulder massage to a boy. The lad looked a little embarrassed, though he should have only been scared if it was Karim Benzema. The Frenchman is notorious for having connections with teenagers.


Kim Kallstrom

Before the match between Sweden and Germany Kim Kallstrom was consoling a child, having autism syndrome.


Swansea penalty taker

A five-year-old kid failed to score a penalty kick during the break, took it out on the corner flag and burst into tears.


Gerrard, Terry and a handshake

A boy, accompanying John Terry in the tunnel, called for Steve G, pretended to give a handshake but was prompt to take his hand off. Good one!

Gerrard in Thailand

Liverpool captain is adored outside England. A boy in Thailand was not shy in giving him a hug.


Mathieu Valbuena and the giant

There is one problem with Marseille and France national team midfielder - it is not easy to find a boy shorter than Mathieu. Sochaux staff did not manage to.


Nemanja Vidic and an American kid

Nemanja was getting ready for United friendly match against New England Revolution. McDonald’s-raised boy did not hide his emotions.


Israel national team in Kiev

The most touching episode from Ukraine capital, where the Israeli players took their jerseys off to comfort the kids and cover them from bad weather. The hosts did not get the message.


Prime Minister’s son

Chelsea were touring in Asia. While in Bangkok, a boy from working-class family was replaced by Prime Minister’s son. The downtrodden boy’s father complained to local media and the story was aired by British newspapers.


The coolest mascot

Little Jack knows how to enjoy life. Newcastle United won by 3-0, but the mascot’s performance attracted more attention than Kevin Nolan’s hat-trick.

Jose Mourinho. Like a Boss

photo: Daily Mail, Getty Images, Zimbio.com

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Author: Leon Smolski

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